Designed specifically to replace the 50W halogen downlight, the Retrofit's compact light and driver dimensions allow it to easily into existing 80-100mm ceiling cut-out.
Highly energy efficient 8W LED Downlight producing 720-800 lumens. IP44 Rated. IC-F Rated.
Invis LED Downlights are designed and engineered for residential and commercial spaces. Designed to blend seamlessly with ceilings, it is the ideal choice for spaces with an emphasis on style.
Our oyster light range consists of fittings ranging from 17-25W in different styles to suit an number of applications. Highly energy efficient for the replacement of the traditional fluorescent oyster lights.
Stylish, Modern Surface Mount Downlights Available in Black and White Finishes.
Available in 8.8W, 17.7W & 33.4W. White and Black finishes available. Impressive 105-115 Lumens per watt.

Stunning, Affordable Residential Lighting For Brisbane Homes

For the best in residential LED lighting in Brisbane, Green Illumination has you covered!

If you’re looking to re-illuminate your home with affordable, elegant lighting solutions, Green Illumination’s residential LED lighting products are sure to please. Designed specifically for the home, our LED lighting fixtures are made from quality products sourced from local Brisbane manufacturers and designed by electricians.

With a wide range of styles and shapes, from oyster and downlighting to compact and LED track lighting, we’ve got something to suit every space and budget. Our in-house lighting design system means you can create a fully custom-built lighting plan to help fill your home with beautiful warmth and ambiance.

LED lighting products ideal for Brisbane

Residential LED lighting in Brisbane, designed for Brisbane.

If you’re looking for beautiful home lighting solutions to brighten up your living space, Green Illumination is your first choice.

At Green Illumination, we’ve designed a beautiful range of LED lighting fixtures to suit any residential property. We work with you, or your building and installation team, to ensure every light in your home is long lasting, energy efficient and meets the latest industry safety standards.

We specialise in five key styles of residential lighting:

  • interior downlights
  • oyster lights
  • surface mounts
  • LED track lights
  • outdoor lighting, including flood lights and garden lights.

Our unique designs can replace previous lighting materials like halogens and fluorescents, ensuring your home energy bills are reduced and you are doing your bit for environmental solutions.

For more information on the home lighting choices we have available, as well as pricing information, quotes, or where your nearest distributor might be, contact the friendly service team at Green Illumination today.

Download our latest catalogue here for a complete view of Green Illumination’s home LED lighting range.